Harlan’s Crossing

Book Cover: Harlan's Crossing
Part of the Lawman Ethan Cobb series:

Colorado Territory 1873: A dying town, a shattered family, a single lawman

Ethan Cobb continues his search for the men who murdered his brother. Chasing a possible clue to the whereabouts of the ruthless gang, he finds himself in Harlan’s Crossing – a dying town with little hope of survival. Can the solitary Marshal save not only the town but the small family who have taken him to their hearts, and will he find something more important than justice and revenge?

Publisher: Leona Grace
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Cherime MacFarlane on Goodreads wrote:

Well done. Great story I couldn't put it down. I certainly recommend it to anyone. An easy read that pulls you in.

Daniel on Goodreads wrote:

Home at last. Oh what a beautiful written novel. I must get the complete series, and hope the author doesn't destroy something good.

Bert Brandt on Amazon wrote:

Post-Civil War, Marshal Ethan Cobb's duty has been to track down war criminals, murderers and "town-killers". Tracking down a gang bent on destroying a town, Harlan's Crossing, he learns more about the town, the people, and himself than he had anticipated. Will he save the town and he himself survive against the odds? The joy of the author's writing, the gentle development of the plot -- except when violence breaks out -- makes for a good tale about how the west was tamed.