Harlan’s Pass

Book Cover: Harlan's Pass
Part of the Lawman Ethan Cobb series:

Colorado Territory 1873: Ethan Cobb is called to account for Josiah Bowman’s death and Harlan’s Crossing celebrates the inauguration of its railroad station.

The town’s future looks secure. But all is not well, and with only one week to Ethan Cobb's wedding, there are still enemies who seek revenge on the lawman. When disaster strikes, Tom Fairchild takes matters into his own hands and sets out to save not only Cobb, but the town as well. With Harlan’s Crossing once more in danger, will Ethan and Leah finally make their vows, or will everything fall apart to leave nothing but a ghost town and fading memories?

Publisher: Leona Grace
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Pat Carmody on Goodreads wrote:

Easy read, action packed, self sustaining. Enough to draw reader back to reading. Awesome character development. Six Stars in my humble opine.

Lynda on Goodreads wrote:


It is a book you cant put down. Great characters and it was nice to read a book without cuss words every other sentence.