Book Cover: Promises

Scotland April 1945, and there is little joy in Iain McCraig’s life. Struggling to look after his farm and herd of prize dairy cows, he finds himself forced to accept help from an enemy PoW despite all his misgivings. Then his prisoner arrives and the quiet farmer begins to wonder if his life will ever be the same. When events take a turn for the worse, will he be able to save something far more precious than his farm?

Publisher: Leona Grace
Cover Artists:
Reviews:ckrezy on Goodreads wrote:

Just read this book today and I'm glad I did. It's such a breath of fresh air! Finally a m-m romance that is actually believeable! Not once did I cringe from any unrealistic dialogue and cliche stereotypes. This book is very well written and a fast but good read. If you appreciate a slow burn instead of the more common insta-love then you will enjoy this book.

Alona on Goodreads wrote:

4.5 stars. I loved it!

It's no secret that I love any romance fiction related to WWII. It was full of atmosphere. You could feel Iain's loneliness, his sadness...
The writing was lovely and I felt as if I was in that same Scottish shore with Iain and Mikhail. The romance was slow build but so beautifully delivered.

I truly wish it was longer. My only complaint is that Iain and Mikhail had little conversations. I wanted more! Of everything!

Highly recommended!