The Housekeeper

A Christmas Ghost Story

Book Cover: The Housekeeper
Pages: 223

With only a few days left before Christmas, Fiona Cameron prepares to leave Fitzwilliam Hall for the last time. All hope of staying in her childhood home are gone, as are the chances of finding the one man who could have saved the Hall. But when a stranger arrives late one evening, drawn to the tiny fishing harbour by an injured dog, will he be friend or foe? Only the Hall’s ancient guardians and its missing owner know the truth.

Time is running out. Soon it will be too late.

Publisher: Leona Grace
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Catherine Bond on Goodreads wrote:

Lovely language and a smooth read

Unusual story well written. Strong characters and scenery well described. I really enjoyed it.Excitement mounted and an unpredictable ending left me happy.

Rosemary E Walters on Amazon wrote:

I really enjoyed this book, in fact I found it difficult to put down . This is the first book of this Author I have read but will not be the last. The Characters are interesting, and because of the Authors skill, you are soon invested in their individual lives. The Ghost part of the story is not unpleasant as it's a dog who helped them out of danger. It also has a happy ending which I like. I won't tell to much about the book. But am happy to recommend it to you